In this video we explain how to certify your firm for the EPA RRP Lead Renovator Rule.

Did you know that your firm has to be certified with the Environmental Protection Agency if you are working in houses built prior to 1978? Also, you most employ at least one certified renovator that would be assigned to those projects. It is critical to know how to certify your firm for the EPA RRP Lead Renovator Rule.

You maybe wondering if your firm is certified. There is an easy way to check. Simply go to . Once you click the link you will prompted to enter your firm information. A search will appear and will show your business if you are certified. If you aren’t certified, your firm name will not appear. Once you complete this process you will scroll down and click the link that says certify a new firm. You will be redirected to the central data exchange where you will complete the registration process.

How much does the firm certification cost?

Renovate, Repair, and Painting firm certification is a fee of $300. Payment will be made via credit card during the registration process.

How long does the firm certification last?

Your certification will last for 5 years. Renewal should be completed prior to 90 days of your firm expiration date.

What happens if choose not to get certified, how will I get caught?

There are several ways that you can be reported to the EPA as well as ways that the EPA can find out if you are working in houses built prior to 1978. Your competitors will report you, your customer could report you, neighboring properties, building inspectors, and the EPA can pull permits that your company has pulled and request records. Fines start at $37,500 per violation. There are criminal penalties if you have been trained and are knowingly violating the rule as well.

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