Keeping Employees Motivated to Stay Safe on the Job

It can be difficult to motivate your employees to do anything, let alone follow safety rules that they may think are outdated or too time consuming. But by making your employees aware of why the rules exist, setting reasonable standards for them, and enforcing your safety rules, you can motivate employees to stay injury free and safe in the workplace.

Make Employees Aware of Why the Rules Exist

It may seem obvious to you that the rules exist in order to protect your employees, but they may not make the connection between the rules you set and their personal safety. Holding a meeting to lay out each safety guideline and why it exists can help your employees to feel motivated to follow them. Posting a list of the safety rules in your main office where employees will be reminded of it daily or weekly can help to keep it fresh in everyone’s mind, as well.

Set Reasonable Expectations for Your Employees

As an employer, it is up to you to set reasonable guidelines for your employees with regard to how much work you expect to get done within a set period of time. Ensuring that you assign enough people to each crew and give them enough time to complete each task is vital step to preventing on-the-job injuries. Employees that are trying to rush to get a large volume of work done in a short time are more prone to being careless and ending up injured. By allowing employees the proper amount of time needed to complete a job, you will help minimize the occurrence of injuries.

Enforce Your Safety Guidelines

It’s important to stay consistent when it comes to the safety guidelines you set for your employees. If employees show up to a job site without their gloves, safety goggles, or whatever other safety equipment that you have made mandatory, you have to enforce the rules as you see appropriate. Depending on the laws in your state, you may have to send the employee home to get the missing gear, lend him or her a spare set or even send them home without pay for the day. While this may seem harsh, employees that receive one penalty will be unlikely to want to incur another.

Getting your employees motivated to stay safe on the job has to be a collaborative effort between you and them. By working together with your crew, you can help to minimize workplace injury and keep everyone safe.