Free safety forms designed to help protect your workers!

Safety Orientation - Set Your Safety Standards

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EPA Lead Renovator Certification - Who Really Needs It?

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Dressing for Cold Weather

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Cold Weather Risk Factors

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December 2018 Safety Meetings

This month we have provided free safety meetings on Cold Weather Risk Factors, Dressing for Cold Weather, EPA Lead Renovator Certification-Who Really Needs It?, Job Safety Analysis, and Safety Orientation-Set Your Safety Standards. Click the…

Painting Company Training Requirements

We have put together a good starting guide for painting companies and the training they should consider below.  If you have questions, comments, or you feel like something should be added please let us know. Training Needed Frequency…

EPA Lead Renovator Form Checklist

Keeping track of all the required forms when working housing built prior to 1978 can be a daunting task.  Before you build your first containment, you have to keep records.  It all starts with getting out the renovate right phamplet.  You…

EPA Lead Renovator Forms

Our free RRP EPA Lead Renovator Forms make it easy to stay in compliance while working on homes built prior to 1978.  Download either version to improve your safety culture today! Did you know fines start at $37,500 when you are found to…

Non-Certified Worker Training Log

Using the Steps Guide to Train Your Non-Certified Renovation Workers When training your non-certified renovation workers use the Steps Guide as a basis for the training.  The RRP rule states that you must document the training that is given…