Free July Safety Meetings 2022

Free July Safety Meetings

proActive Safety Services feels strongly about the safety of your company and your employees. Each month we provide free safety meetings on topics that cause potential harm to employees. We have prepared free July safety meetings on the following topics:

Free Safety Meetings:

Back Injuries and How To Avoid Them
Benzene Safety
Biological Agents
Bloodborne Pathogens
Cadmium Safety

Our free July safety meetings are available to download and distribute. Conducting a safety meeting is simple. Each week select someone from the crew to read the meeting text. Most meetings will have a summary section that promotes a discussion on the topic amongst the crew. Once the meeting is over, have everyone sign the meeting document and save it in your records.

Safety meetings should be conducted at least weekly, however, they are not a replacement for conducting a daily JOB SAFETY ANALYSIS.  The DAILY JSA will ensure everyone understands the hazards associated with the tasks of the day, and the information needed to work safely. If you have questions on how to conduct a job safety analysis please give us a call.

We also provide SAFETY INSPECTIONTRAINING, and STAFFING in all of the markets that we teach in. Currently, we are in most states in the eastern half of the United States at least monthly.  To order a class or to find out more information you can email [email protected] or dial 877-209-9648.

Important Links:

Occupational Safety and Health Administration
American National Standards Institute

Free July Safety Meetings 2022

Free July Safety Meetings 2022