New Hire Safety Training

Did you realize that the new employee you just hired would benefit the most from safety training?  Many in the construction industry have to learn the hard way that new hires are often the most dangerous.  Of course, a lot of good comes from hiring a new person.  But, how can you combat the danger he or she faces?  Contact proActive Safety today for one of their New Hire Orientation courses for the best in New Hire Safety Training.

Providing proper training to a new hire is vital.  About half of all workers hurt while on the job have less than 1 year under their belt with the company.  Having a new hire orientation is a best practice in every industry.  It puts a sense of responsibility on the individual for his or her own safety as well as making good decision for the safety of others.  The challenge for many organizations is how to give a new hire orientation when there are new employees entering constantly, sometimes on different days or locations.  It’s not practical to have a person staffing all these orientations, in most cases.  So, proActive Safety created Click Safety.  It’s an online and customizable new hire orientation that is for your unique enterprise!  Communicating your safety initiatives becomes effective and organized for every new employee every time!  Certified Safety Professionals and Certified Industrial Hygienists of proActive Safety will work with you to develop the right new hire orientation for your needs.  There are two different programs offered by Click Safety, so you can choose the one that’s right for your business.

  • Standard:  You choose from the standard courses already created and Click Safety will make some slight adjustments to fit your company.
  • Premium:  A brand new safety course is built from scratch to uniquely fit just your company.

ProActive  has over 270 online safety training classes.  So, you can rest assured no matter what type of construction company you have, proActive will have a course for you.  Use what they have available to create a top of line safety culture, or work with Click Safety to create a new hire safety training course just for your company.