Office Safety

When it comes to safety in the construction industry, most people envision dangerous work sites.  But, office environment accidents are also common.  One way to avoid these problems is by having training to raise awareness on office safety issues.  Learn more about office safety and potential hazards.

Slips and falls
Don’t be fooled, this is a serious safety risk.  The National Safety Council reports that having a disabling fall is 2 and a half times more likely in an office than any other working environment. These often occur when employees take a short cut to reaching an object or using a piece of furniture not as intended.

Colliding and obstacles
Falls often result from people tripping over objects that are left out.  File drawers not closed, walkways used as storage spaces and carpeting or flooring with upturned edges all increase the likelihood of a fall.  Blind corners can create opportunities for human collisions.  See, even a construction office can be a dangerous place!

Using equipment inappropriately
Chairs can be used in a number of wrong ways: tipping back too far, skidding across an office floor, using it as a step stool all invite dangerous accidents.  Also, office equipment like staplers, paper cutters and even scissors can become dangerous if they aren’t used correctly.

It is very important to make sure employees know the proper way to lift objects.  Lifting objects that are too heavy for one person, or lifting with an inappropriate technique invite disaster.  Provide proper safety training on how to lift correctly.

Repetitive movement
It’s important to educate employees about proper ergonomics while seated at a computer for an entire work day.  Invest in equipment that can alleviate these stressors, making for happier, healthier and more productive employees.

Construction environments aren’t the only places that need safety training.  Offices can acquire bad accident records if employees aren’t aware of ways to be careful. Of course, many of these dangers just require a little common sense.  But, when people are in a hurry, common sense escapes the mind quickly.  Keep safety at the forefront of your office!