Project Safety Committees

A project safety committee may be one of the best committees you form for your construction company.  All too often workers, in any industry, love to blame someone else for problems that arise.  But, by properly training a project safety committee your construction company will see enormous benefits-like not playing the blame game! Here’s more information on project safety committees.

Your construction company can’t afford to waste time placing blame when safety issues come into play.  Working collaboratively to promote a strong sense of community and culture amongst a whole work site team is a much better use of time.  This can be achieved by developing a project safety committee.  A project safety committee should have the various trades represented in the work that’s to be done.  And, this group of various workers should oversee safety on particular project.  The purpose is to heighten awareness and interest in safer work practices.  Committee memberships should be broad and inclusive.  And, they should motivate the entire team to be safe!

Some may argue that a safety committee isn’t necessary when safety professionals and training are already part of the supervision on a site.  The role of safety professionals are not replaced because a project safety committee is formed.  The committee is basically an extension and enhancement of the safety professionals.  In the end, safety comes down to the responsibility of each individual, but the more eyes, ears, and brains that are thinking safety, the better.  Plus, there are benefits of a project safety committee.

  • Safety becomes a culture on a project
  • Creates a sense that everyone is responsible for safety
  • Collaboration can be built between different stakeholders
  • Efficiency and productivity can be increased too

Contractors or supervisors should select members of the project safety committee.  Or, they could be nominated among workers.  Make sure the committee is given enough time and has the authority they need to perform the work.  A project safety committee on your construction project doesn’t replace other safety professionals or the need for regular, timely training.  But, the benefits of a safety-conscious crew will be worthwhile!