Springtime Construction Site Safety

Along with warmer weather, construction work usually picks up during the spring season. Employee safety should be a top priority on every construction site. The following are special considerations construction workers need to take in the spring for construction site safety.

1. Prepare for Rain
Spring tends to be rainy and muddy, which can be a recipe for accidents if simple precautions aren’t taken. Use boards and planks for walk ways over extremely muddy areas. Employees should be reminded to wipe mud off boots and gloves before getting on and off of any equipment. Basic procedures that become routine can go a long way in ensuring construction safety.

2. Encourage Physical Fitness
Most construction jobs require physical strength and endurance. Many employees may not have stayed physically active during the winter, meaning they’re more susceptible to sprains and pulled muscles. Plan jobs that will enable workers to ease into a regular routine. It can take a few weeks for some employees to adjust to full-time physical labor.

3. Have All Equipment Inspected
Machinery that’s been dormant all winter, even if kept inside, needs to be thoroughly inspected before any job starts. Getting on and off of equipment is one of the major causes of injuries on work sites. Accidents that involve faulty machinery that hasn’t been repaired and properly maintained are usually preventable. Try to plan all jobs well in advance. This means that all necessary equipment and supplies are ordered and delivered before a job starts.

4. Make Sure Employees are Well-Trained
New employees need to be aware of all procedures and safety regulations. It may also be necessary for returning employees to take refresher training. New laws and company regulations could be in place that have taken effect since the previous year. Every employee needs to be on the same page regarding expectations set forth by the company as well as the current laws.

5. Keep the Site Clean and Organized
While this needs to be done year-round, it may take some extra effort to get workers back into a regular habit again. Metal scraps with sharp edges and boards with protruding nails are just a few items that can’t be left randomly on a construction site. Debris should be removed at regular intervals throughout the day and containers for different types of waste should be provided on the site.