Using Emergency Exits

Emergency Exit
Think about what that means. What it should mean to you is that it is your way out when things go bad. With that in mind, here are some things to consider about using emergency exits.

Materials and Equipment
Never block an emergency exit or pathway by storing or staging materials in such a way as to block the way out.

When you get to a new work site or just plain get to work, know where the emergency exits are. Know where the closest exit is where you are working.

Never store fuel near an emergency exit. This includes but not limited to propane, gasoline, or combustible materials. The idea behind this is that you do not want to fuel a fire in the direct areas that you are trying to escape from.

If you have to use an emergency exit, do not worry about your personal effects. Leave them behind. Those things can be replaced, your life, not so much.

Help others 
Help a person that is having difficulty if you can. This does not mean putting yourself in more danger. No one is asking you to charge into a burning building.

After an emergency exit is made, always report to the designated rally point for the head count.