Narrow Frame Scaffold Safety

Narrow frame scaffolds are a common appearance on construction sites. They allow workers to maintain their balance and work more easily on the stable platform. These scaffolds are extremely versatile to contractors for these reasons.

OSHA classifies narrow frame scaffolds as having wheels and is often used as a mobile scaffold with the end frame measuring 3 feet or less in width.  Typical contractor use is in operations such as drywall, painting, plastering, and jobs where contractors must change direction on a regular basis. Most of these types of scaffolds can be adapted to ramps and stairs as well.

When using these types of scaffolds ensure that workers have the following training on narrow frame scaffold safety:

  • Do not stand on the guardrail or use components of the scaffold to gain additional standing height.
  • Do not pull yourself from one location to another while standing on the scaffold.
  • Do not use the scaffold if there are broken or missing parts. Find a replacement and inform your employer.
  • Do not move the scaffold while a workers is located on the scaffold.

Before using the scaffold ensure the following is in place:

  • Conduct a pre operation inspections to verify all components are functioning and working properly
  • While working, keep the platform free from tools and materials. These are tripping hazards.
  • Lock scaffold wheels in place to avoid movement while in use.

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