Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is an essential component of workplace safety.  PPE requirements will vary widely depending on the industry,  materials handled, or the manner in which said materials are used. It is the employers’ responsibility to ensure that the proper PPE is available and that all employees have received the proper training on the use of all required PPE.  For this to happen, an employer must first assess the workplace for any hazards through a Job Safety or Job Hazard Analysis. When the hazards are identified and they can not feasibly be fixed with engineering or work practice controls, then proper PPE should be selected as the final protection for workers.

Standards for Consideration

ANSI, ASTM, and the NFPA are all institutions and associations that have created standards for protective equipment and other safety tools.  These organizations set specifications that are often used by OSHA for their own standards.  In fact, OSHA specifically references eye protective standards from ANSI in standard 1910.133.

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Get the PPE you need

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